AirLink Manual

AirLink provides an open source framework (MIT License) for Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) IoT devices to connect to compatible servers via Bluetooth® gateways meeting the AirLink protocol standards. The protocol leverages pioneering open source work by EnAccess, Solaris and Angaza to create an interoperable standard and example code for wireless communication between PAYG devices and an IoT server. AirLink also extends existing device link protocol to productive use types, and adds cross-vendor asset location capability for crowd-sourced security of compatible devices, and adds the potential for complex use cases such as multiple gateways controlling a single IoT device to support service business use cases.

AirLink Components

Protocol definition for AirLink Bluetooth® Devices

Xamarin skeleton App meeting AirLink Gateway spec

Thingsboard.io server configured to AirLink spec

AirLink Flow

AirLink interactions during device manufacture, provisioning and use

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AirLink was developed by Simusolar Inc with support from EnAccess