AirLink Docs

This is technical documentation for AirLink. If you are looking for an overview, the landing page is here:

Here is also a helpful guide that plays through the AirLink adoption flow in short

AirLink is an open source framework (MIT License) for Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) IoT devices to connect to compatible servers via Bluetooth® gateways. The protocol provides an interoperable communication standard and example code for wire-free communication between PAYG devices and an IoT server using smartphones as gateways.

AirLink Components

Nordic nRF firmware - Open-source on GitHub

Xamarin and Flutter apps - Open-source on GitHub demo server - Hosted by EnAccess

AirLink Flows

AirLink Data transfer flow
AirLink interactions during device manufacture, provisioning and use
AirLink Lost/Stolen Devices Flow

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AirLink was developed by Simusolar Inc with support from EnAccess This manual developed using and