How to get started

Is AirLink right for your business?

AirLink is the protocol and software for businesses who want to enable Pay as you go control on their devices via phone gateway devices, either because the end product does not have remote control / GSM built in, or because they are used in areas without 100% phone coverage. AirLink is also for businesses who want their products secured and discoverable using crowd-sourced location via everyone else who uses AirLink devices!

Does the workflow that AirLink espouses work with how you want to sell your products?


  1. EnAccess.org runs a multi-tenant AirLink server that you could subscribe to as a tenant!
    1. Get a tenant login from EnAccess
    1. Optional: Get your own thingsboard.io server configured to support AirLink
  1. Get AirLink Devices
    1. Find Suppliers or make your own Bluetooth hardware that is compatible with the AirLink Devices spec.
    1. If you want to re-brand the devices that you sell, register with Bluetooth SIG, create a declaration for your product, and use ID text they provide as the 'advertisement' manufacturer text in the Bluetooth advertisement
    1. Get an Android phone and install the Airlink App!
    1. Scan the device via the app and see if it registers on the server
  1. Use a third party business application to automate device on/off e.g. Solaris
    1. Develop your business integrations further by building on the open source app for clients or API integrations with the IoT server
    1. Don't forget to integrate with the EnAccess server for the inter-company, crowdsourced 'Neighborhood Watch' (lost assets database)